Empowering business resilience

Demand planning and forecasting today take a center stage as it empowers businesses to understand consumer preferences and demands more comprehensively. As markets shift, consumer behaviours evolve, and global events exert their influence on supply chains, businesses find themselves navigating uncharted territory. Demand planning and forecasting helps anticipate these changes, provide visibility into future demand and facilitate risk assessment in the supply chain that strengthens business resilience.

Enhancing supply chain visibility for operational excellence

As customers become more digitally connected, it is important for businesses to provide a consistent and engaging experience across these digital touchpoints along with the offline channels. This makes it important for organisations to work towards developing a robust, cohesive CX strategy to improve omni-channel experiences. Organizations recognize the importance of harnessing cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), chatbots, self-service portals, data analytics, and predictive analytics to streamline customer interactions across various touchpoints. The integration of these technological solutions not only empowers marketers to analyze data for personalized customer experiences but also enables them to make precise predictions regarding consumer purchasing patterns.

Leveraging data-driven insights
for inventory optimization

Beyond operational efficiency, demand planning and forecasting play a pivotal role in enabling organisations optimize their inventory. Data driven insights through various forecasting methods empowers businesses to optimise their inventory levels with remarkable precision. Excess inventory is minimised, preventing the tying up of capital and storage costs, while the risk of stockouts is significantly reduced. Armed with accurate projections, organizations can align their production and procurement processes more effectively, ensuring that inventory levels are in harmony with anticipated customer demands.

A significant competitive edge

In an era where innovation and adaptability are key to survival, demand planning and forecasting techniques provide businesses with a strategic advantage. By accurately predicting customer demand, businesses can position themselves as industry leaders, offering products and services that resonate with consumers. This ability to capitalise on emerging trends and technological advances sets the stage for sustainable growth and long-term success.

Recognising the paramount significance of demand planning and forecasting in shaping modern businesses and building on the success of the two editions of its Supply Chain and Logistics Conclave, Team Marksmen Network is now proud to announce the inaugural edition of the "Demand Planning and Forecasting Conclave". Set to take place on December 7th in Mumbai, this strategic industry platform is poised to unite thought leaders, experts, and luminaries in demand planning, forecasting, and supply chain domains. The event will serve as a singular destination to bring to light the pivotal role of demand and inventory planning within supply chains.

will you

what will you Learn

How demand and inventory planning strategies can be harnessed strategically to ensure operational excellence, efficiency, and resilience.
Role of data analytics and technological advancements in transforming demand and inventory planning into foresight-driven, data-powered engines that adapt to real-time market dynamics.
Address the challenges posed by disruptions, market shifts, and unforeseen events, and explore ways to enhance risk management through strategic demand and inventory planning.
How demand and inventory planning can be tailored to enhance customer satisfaction, ensuring products and services are readily available.
Approaches to integrate principles of sustainability into demand and inventory planning strategies.
Cutting-edge technologies, trends, and innovative solutions that are reshaping demand and inventory planning, providing a glimpse into the future of supply chains.

Who Should Attend?

This unique initiative has been shaped by insights gleaned from an industry-wide consumer study conducted by LeadCap Ventures, with brands appraised on the following parameters:

Supply Chain
Demand Planning
Inventory Management


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