India: An outsized opportunity

The tapestry of the world as we know it is being rewoven. There are multiple threads running through the fabric of the global order that one needs to be wary of, such as the climate crisis, a rewiring of the workplace, technological advances, and changes in social values. When viewed in totality, they are creating a completely new landscape for humankind.

For India, this represents a massive opportunity, some of which can be simply attributed to foresight and geopolitics, such as the rolling out of a national tech stack that is ushering Indians into the 21st century and powering the rise of a startup ecosystem dwarfed only by America and China, or the Sino-American split that is seeing industries view India as a potent hedge against Chinese hegemony.

These transitions present India with a rare opportunity to grow at a sustained rate of 7-8% for years to come. The ripple effects of this could be far-reaching; it could lift millions out of poverty, turbocharge the growth of industries, and shift the global balance of power.

For leaders too, this represents a gilt-edge generational opportunity to navigate the turbulence of uncertain times and chart a course to a promised land of glory and greatness. But seizing the moment will call for a restructuring of business and leadership as usual.

Rewiring for outperformance

Inevitably, the performance of great organisations cannot be seen in isolation from that of great leaders. For decades, in times of instability, strong and capable leadership has steered the ship right on many an organisational journey. Think of a great company or brand name, and the roots of its success can be traced back to the leaders that set its agenda and lived its corporate mission and values.

For long, performance was geared towards delivering value, scalability, and predictability when it comes to maximising earnings for shareholders. Today, that perspective has been broadened, with the ambit of performance now calling for a closer focus on actions that impact the greatest swathe of the community and stakeholders. Pursue profit, but with purpose. Champion the shareholders but keep the community in mind too. The societal demands of organisations and leaders have given rise to a new cadre of leader, who wields an influence that is broad-based, and whose actions see them outperform their peers significantly. These are the Influential Leaders of India, setting benchmarks that shatter norms and redefine the nature of leadership.

Now in its 3rd edition, the Influential Leaders of India celebrates leaders at the vanguard of a wave of change. Their focus is sharply aligned with the needs of a dynamic reality, and they are deftly reshaping organisations and serving communities to match an all-new strategic vision.


Leaders were upraised on below parameters
Progressive Mindset
Emotional Intelligence
Stakeholder Management
Leadership Development
Crisis Management
Result Orientation
Ethical Practices
Nurturing Workplace

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